Virtual Library

The Spiritist Virtual Library was created to make rare spiritist works available on the Internet so that they can be preserved and immortalized in the virtual world, as the Federação Espírita do Paraná - FEP considers them to be part of the World Heritage, having outstanding value to Humanity.

Based on this premise, these works are now made available in electronic form as they were written, without occasional optical reading errors or translation mistakes, so that anyone can access them today or in 200 years, when such decisions will no longer be in our hands.

Were this material left physically stored elsewhere, it would be subject to a number of risks of extinction, including cataclysm, fire and burglary, among others.

Therefore, the FEP understands this treasure should be immortalized so that all Federations, both national and international and all interested parties may have it available in their servers as a way to guarantee its perpetuity.

If you own or know of someone who owns any rare spiritist work (from the 19th century) and wish to contribute it, either through donation or loan it for digitalization, please contact us at the e-mail address fep@feparana.com.br; phone/fax no. (+ 55 41) 3223-6174 or write to us at:

Federação Espírita do Paraná

Alameda Cabral, 300

80410-210 Curitiba-PR - Brazil.